April 6, 2019 – NAB 2019, Las Vegas NV – Assimilate today announced its SCRATCH software product
line is among the first to support Apple’s new ProRes RAW acquisition and compression format. Dailies
and post-production artists will now be able to read and import ProRes RAW files into SCRATCH for
streamlined workflows, from dailies through post-production.

Jeff Edson, CEO at Assimilate, explained, “Apple’s ProRes RAW announcement is significant for a
number of reasons. The ProRes codec is the most widely used compression format for acquisition,
editing, and delivery, worldwide, because it simplifies the camera to delivery process. At the same time,
numerous RAW camera formats are available today, which work well for in-depth analyzing of data for
their specific product line. Currently all camera manufacturers write their own SDKs for their proprietary
RAW formats. There is potential for ProRes RAW to become a ubiquitous camera format, which means
camera manufacturers would no longer need to develop the variety of SDKs, resulting in significant cost
savings, lowering the barrier to entry, and streamlining the camera workflow. This would also be
advantageous to all DITs and post artists who would benefit by streamlining their workflows by working
with a ubiquitous file format rather than the large variety that exists today, thus saving time, money, and
enabling faster time to market.”

“It’s a priority for Assimilate to provide timely support for the latest camera and file formats to ensure our
SCRATCH user base has access to all the latest digital media content, so we are very pleased to be
among the first to support ProRes RAW,” added Edson.

The SCRATCH tool suite and workflow is resolution independent and currently supports the wide variety
of camera and file formats on the market.

Image courtesy by Cine Chromatix, Berlin

ProRes RAW
ProRes RAW is a new acquisition format from Apple that offers the quality and workflow advantages of
RAW with the performance of ProRes. With ProRes RAW, editors can import, edit and grade directly from
the camera sensor, providing ultimate color and contrast flexibility when adjusting highlights and shadows
— this is especially ideal for HDR workflows. And with performance optimized for macOS, editors can
play full-quality 4K ProRes RAW files on a MacBook Pro or iMac in real-time without rendering. ProRes
RAW files are even smaller than ProRes 4444 files, allowing editors to make better use of storage while
providing an excellent alternative for archiving.


Pricing and Availability
SCRATCH support of ProRes RAW is available April 8, 2019. To learn more about the SCRATCH post-production and dailies product line, including free 30-day trials and on-line training opportunities, see

To learn more about ProRes RAW, see the ProRes RAW White Paper

To learn more about ProRes and ProRes RAW vendors, see Apple ProRes Authorized Products

To learn more about the Apple professional video developers, including ProRes and ProRes RAW devices see


About Assimilate
Assimilate provides real-time post-production tools and workflows that have proven essential to
productivity and creativity in the creation of high-end 2D/3D/VR studio and independent feature films,
documentaries, TV episodes, and music videos. The SCRATCH product line equips directors, DPs, on-
set DITs and post-production artists with the latest, state-of-the-art, cost-effective tools and workflows
they need to simplify the post-production process and achieve high-quality results. SCRATCH is
resolution independent, and continually updates support for nearly all formats. Additionally, in SCRATCH
VR, Assimilate offers the only professional end-to-end VR workflow and tools for VR360 / 3D and VR180 /
3D – including stitching, Ambisonic sound, and live streaming. Assimilate partners with Z Cam to offer
complete, integrated VR workflows with its Scratch VR and the Z Cam S1, S1 Pro, and K1 Pro VR
cameras – from previews to shoot, data management, stitch, color grading compositing, finishing, and
mastering. Assimilate also partners with Sennheiser to include its world-class audio capability with its
AMBEO A-B converter integrated in SCRATCH VR. Learn more at www.assimilateinc.com.


Assimilate Contact
Aggie Frizzell
VP Communications
+1 425-503-3036

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