Case Studies

Timeless: Continuum Recon VR Experience, Space Race

SupersphereVR produces VR experiences that pack a visual punch. Experience the Apollo 11 Moon Landing in the “Space Race” VR experience as the villain attempts to sabotage the legendary mission.

The Making of VR/360 “Expedition Antarctica”

“March of the Penguins” director Returns to Antarctica. Neotopy includes storytellers, filmmakers and sound engineers who specialize in immersive VR/360 cinematic experiences.

Neotopy Studio Uses SCRATCH VR to Focus on Cinematic VR with a Touch of Magic

Alexandre Regeffe discusses development and VR post production of VR mini-concert for French artist, Yael Naimand.

Disney ‘Playmation’ Commercial: Color Grading in SCRATCH by Henri Pulla

The commercial 'Disney Playmation’ was directed by Misko Iho and colorist Henri Pulla was involved early on in the project.

“Pure McCartney” VR: VR color grading and post production in SCRATCH by Dave Franks

Five 3D-VR videos, featuring music legend Paul McCartney, produced by Jaunt with all VR post-production by Dave Franks in the SCRATCH VR Suite

“Ewa”: VR pilot — Virgil Kastrup completes VR/3D color grade & finish in one day

The new SCRATCH VR Suite was used for the VR post-production of Makropol’s ( latest venture into the world of VR (shown at Cannes Film Festival 2016).

“Kaiju Fury”: VR short — first real-time color grading of a film in the VR space

Together, post facility Local Hero and ASSIMLATE, with its SCRATCH digital tools and real-time workflow, are the first to demonstrate that quality post production – grading, finishing, and mastering of color – can be accomplished for VR film projects with cost-effective, mainstream tools.

Coke, Champagne, and Cigarettes

“Coke, Champagne, and Cigarettes”: Matthias Halibrand Uses Remote Review to Significantly Increase Productvity

“The Doghouse": In VR Short, Virgil Kastrup Takes on Five Points of View

During the grading in SCRATCH, Kastrup wore the Oculus Rift headset to get the sense of complete immersion into the story.

“Stung”: Love, Wasps and Horror Defined by Peter Hacker

Hacker was hired to be the VFX producer and compositor, then also took on post-production management, development of the look, color grading and finishing — all done in SCRATCH.

"All American Bikini Car Wash”: Get the Big-Screen Look on a Tight Budget

Nimrod Zalmanowitz believes all movies deserve a colorist’s best efforts, and that the SCRATCH tools and RED camera as a very powerful combination for achieving the vision of Vortex DI’s clients, no matter how small or large their budget.

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