Case Studies

Take a VR / 3D Tour of “Vogue" Super Model Closets

Alex MacLean recently wrapped up the post production of four five-minute episodes of 360-degree tours of “Supermodel Closets” for Conde Nast Entertainment and “Vogue." See what the Super Models wear in day-to-day life by stepping into a VR/3D tour of some of the most famous closets. Look up, look down, look all around and feel immersed in the closet of each model as she shows some of her favorite fashions.

ROGUE NYC Specializes in VR Production And Post Using SCRATCH VR

Rogue, a creative boutique in NYC, specializes in high-end production and post production for film, advertising, and digital. Rogue founder Alex MacLean has produced a large body of work that demonstrates his color grading and finishing expertise in branding content for clients like HBO, Vogue, Google, Vice, Fader, and many more. For the past three years MacLean has also been at the forefront of VR/360 content for narratives and advertising. In a recent interview MacLean discussed the challenges and rewards of working in VR.

The Marvel of 360 Live Streaming of Cardiac Surgery in Hyderabad, India

The Z CAM VR S1 Camera and ASSIMILATE SCRATCH VR Z Tools are adding value to 360 medical and educational experiences. V3RA in Hyderabad, India is at the forefront of producing 360/VR experiences for critical, real-world applications like cardiac surgery. They have produced a 360/VR live-streaming broadcast of cardiac surgery to a conference of cardiac surgeons at the Novotel conference center.

Loco UK Efficiently Stitches Four 90º Plates in SCRATCH VR to Create 360º VR Experience

Loco ( is riding the wave of 360-video excitement by exploring emerging technologies and software as well as developing new techniques to take their creative work further into this realm.

Local Hero Uses BLUEFISH444 and SCRATCH for 4K Netflix Content Creation

Local Hero has built its reputation on pushing the technology envelope in DI, VFX, and mastering for such companies as Netflix, HBO, Amazon, and YouTube Red. Their tools of choice are the BLUEFISH444 Epoch | 4K Supernova S+ and ASSIMILATE SCRATCH post-production tools for high-quality 4K and HDR deliveries.

Timeless: Continuum Recon VR Experience, Space Race

SupersphereVR produces VR experiences that pack a visual punch. Experience the Apollo 11 Moon Landing in the “Space Race” VR experience as the villain attempts to sabotage the legendary mission.

The Making of VR/360 “Expedition Antarctica”

“March of the Penguins” director Returns to Antarctica. Neotopy includes storytellers, filmmakers and sound engineers who specialize in immersive VR/360 cinematic experiences.

Neotopy Studio Uses SCRATCH VR to Focus on Cinematic VR with a Touch of Magic

Alexandre Regeffe discusses development and VR post production of VR mini-concert for French artist, Yael Naimand.

Disney ‘Playmation’ Commercial: Color Grading in SCRATCH by Henri Pulla

The commercial 'Disney Playmation’ was directed by Misko Iho and colorist Henri Pulla was involved early on in the project.

“Pure McCartney” VR: VR color grading and post production in SCRATCH by Dave Franks

Five 3D-VR videos, featuring music legend Paul McCartney, produced by Jaunt with all VR post-production by Dave Franks in the SCRATCH VR Suite

“Ewa”: VR pilot — Virgil Kastrup completes VR/3D color grade & finish in one day

The new SCRATCH VR Suite was used for the VR post-production of Makropol’s ( latest venture into the world of VR (shown at Cannes Film Festival 2016).

“Kaiju Fury”: VR short — first real-time color grading of a film in the VR space

Together, post facility Local Hero and ASSIMLATE, with its SCRATCH digital tools and real-time workflow, are the first to demonstrate that quality post production – grading, finishing, and mastering of color – can be accomplished for VR film projects with cost-effective, mainstream tools.

Coke, Champagne, and Cigarettes

“Coke, Champagne, and Cigarettes”: Matthias Halibrand Uses Remote Review to Significantly Increase Productvity

“The Doghouse": In VR Short, Virgil Kastrup Takes on Five Points of View

During the grading in SCRATCH, Kastrup wore the Oculus Rift headset to get the sense of complete immersion into the story.

“Stung”: Love, Wasps and Horror Defined by Peter Hacker

Hacker was hired to be the VFX producer and compositor, then also took on post-production management, development of the look, color grading and finishing — all done in SCRATCH.

"All American Bikini Car Wash”: Get the Big-Screen Look on a Tight Budget

Nimrod Zalmanowitz believes all movies deserve a colorist’s best efforts, and that the SCRATCH tools and RED camera as a very powerful combination for achieving the vision of Vortex DI’s clients, no matter how small or large their budget.

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