Features & Benefits



• Buy and learn one tool to use, from on-set throughout the entire post-production pipeline.
• SCRATCH covers all bases and can be the foundation of your workflow while still integrating with other dailies- and editorial-system or specialized post-tools.
• The most interactive and fastest user interface around. On any hardware configuration from your laptop to high end power system. On Windows and OSX.
• The most cost effective solution that will accelerate your productivity and boost your creativity.


Format support - SCRATCH supports almost all professional media formats around from RAW, to traditional intermediates dpx, EXR, QuickTime, etc. to compressed like XAVC and other H264 variants.
Live View - ingest the SDI signal of a camera directly to manage on-set looks or green-screen testing.
Flexible transcoding to any (intermediate) format - MXF, ProRes (also on Windows!), H264, etc. - in multiple resolutions in one go, including grades and burn-in titling.
Manage looks, import and export CDL or LUT and use the match-functions to ensure looks created on-set can be easily used further down the pipeline.
• Fully customizable reporting in html or directly online, including proxy images and all shot meta data.

On-Set Dailies


• SCRATCH has its own online editor but can also import a timeline from your favorite offline editor.
Flexible conform options to assemble your timeline from Final Cut, Media Composer or Premiere.
• Navigate through your Multi Layered timeline and easily navigate your tracks down to any composite element of your shots.


Primary- and secondary grading: qualifiers, curves, vectors, unlimited grading layers and masks in any (free form) shape.
• Flexible and fully automated Color space management covering all major color spaces, including ACES. Support for a wide variety of LUT formats.
Versioning: easily create, manage, compare and switch between versions of shots.
• Full support for grading panels and surfaces.



• Shape tracking and animation of any effect, grade and layer geometry.
• Support for third party OpenFX plug-ins. SCRATCH standard comes with a paint module, a text module, bicubic layers to warp any surface.
• Easily navigate and view complex composite trees while in the context to the full timeline.
Nest and cache a node to preserve realtime playback with complex composites.
• Manage your Stereo 3D project almost just as easy as any standard 2D production with automated convergence.


• Create and manage complex output trees / templates for all deliverables.
• Multiple resolutions, formats and framerates - QuickTime, MXF, dpx, EXR, DCI compatible J2k, and more - all in one go.
• Add subtitles, logo's or deliverable specific grades.
Publish directly to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook or SCRATCH Web.

Finish Output tree
Data Management


• Easily manage thousands and thousands of shots in a single project.
• Import/export, search, edit all available shot meta data.
XML Scripting to integrate the power of SCRATCH into your (automated) pipeline and link it to other tools.


SCRATCH Remote; connect multiple SCRATCH systems from all around the world for a creative grading session.
• Store your user settings online - grades, gallery items, panels settings in the cloud so you can take place behind any SCRATCH system anywhere and enjoy your own setup
Publish to SCRATCH Web to share content online in a secure manner.

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Playback: Single view, split-view, A/B view, Reference monitor or projector, SDI output - SCRATCH offers it all.
Playback revisited: smooth while grading or compositing - instant response when adjusting any grade parameters.
• Handle any image resolution - no need to stop at 4k.
Widest hardware support for graphic cards, grading panels and video-IO industry wide.
Our support team - always available to guide you and help out with any issue you might encounter.

What's New


SCRATCH is improved and extended on a continuous basis. The 8.5 version only comes half a year after the previous version release while in that period various new features have been added in a series of update releases.


(click here for detailed release notes)

SCRATCH Releases
Media Formats List


SCRATCH has always been at the forefront of new camera support. The latest version comes with improved XAVC support - decoding more efficient and faster, be it HD or 4k.

SCRATCH 8.5 was the first to support the new ALEXA Mini camera and the new MXF Raw output from ARRI cameras. Support for new versions of the ARRI, RED or high end Sony cameras are usually available in SCRATCH shortly after their release.

And we continue to widen and improve supporting the wide range of formats out there. The new QuickTime implementation will shield you against Apple ending its support for QuickTime on Windows. In the latest version we also added rendering out png files both in 8 or 16 bits, which can directly be used for any website publication.


Media and data management is just as much at the core of SCRATCH as its creative tools.

The latest version has additional media validation functionality to check the availability of the underlying media of multiple timelines and thousands of shots and versions. This ensures correct and uninterrupted renders. Calculate MD5 hash and add it to the meta data of the media to be used in reporting.

SCRATCH comes with the complete set of ACES transforms as provided by the Academy. The transforms are used as part of the automated color space management in SCRATCH or are easily accessible for use manually when setting your own ACES workflow.

Media Report
Stereo Convergence


SCRATCH makes working in Stereo 3D just as easy as your regular 2D projects. Just wrap you sources in a stereo node and easily sync any grade or full composites between left and right eye.

Offering the most flexible workflow where you can have SCRATCH automatically manage the convergence between left and right eye or tweak it manually if needed.

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Demos & Help

Be more creative and productive now!

Learn more about SCRATCH by watching one of the many available tutorials available here or visit our Vimeo page.

Browse and search the user manual or the many technical articles on our support site here or contact our support department at support@ssimilateinc.com.



Technical Specs


What you need to run SCRATCH

OS: Windows 7 and up. OSX 10.7 and up.
SCRATCH windows 10 compatible

CPU: Any modern Intel processor. Preference for Intel i7 Quadcore or up.

GFX: Any modern graphics card. Preference for high end graphics: NVIDIA Quadro / AMD Firepro. Note that on systems with standard Intel graphics not all features might be supported.

RAM: Min 8Gb. Preferred 12Gb or more.

SDI: NVIDIA Embedded, AJA, Bluefish444, Blackmagic. Please check this support site article for specific supported models.