Build the immersive world of your imagination

True Immersive Post Production – now accessible to everyone. SCRATCH VR supports all major headsets. Grade, composite, review - in 360, 180, mono, stereo, single view, dual view, immersive view - any view! On heavy iron or just your laptop. On Windows and OS X.

Grading and compositing an equirectangular image require specialized tools. The toolset in SCRATCH VR makes a sky-replacement or object removal in 360 just as clean and easy as in any regular 2D production. Always directly viewable in your headset, in the framerate and resolution you require and including (Ambisonic) audio to produce the full VR user experience you want your viewers to experience.

Why start from SCRATCH

• You start by taking the full Dailies and Finishing toolset from SCRATCH (see here) and then you integrate VR into its core.
• Because of the most interactive interface and fastest toolset around, SCRATCH VR is ideal to maintain a true immersive experience during the creative process.
• Output in any format / resolution (h.264/5 up to 8k) to file or directly to FB/YouTube.


FEATURE LIST - Render & Output

• Include VR metadata
• Create 2D version by creating animation pan in 360 sphere.
• Render H264 up to 8k, H265 up to 12bit
• Publish to ASSIMILATE Dailies Online for online review
• Stream out directly to YouTube, Vimeo, or custom Stream Server.


SCRATCH VR in Post Production

Full SCRATCH VR feature set:
• Dailies
• Conform
• Editorial
• Color Grading
• Compositing
• Finishing
• Multichannel/ambisonic audio support
• Publish to online 360 VOD platforms
  (Facebook 360, YouTube360, etc.)
• Publish to all other 360 deliverables


• Support format Equirectangular, Cubical, 360, 180, mono, stereo
• Auto-recognition of 360 / 180 metadata
• Quickly update media metadata
• Auto detection of headset: Oculus, Vive, any Steam VR Engine supported headset
• Each view (primary, second/split) has its own 360 switch to view both spherical and flat at the same time.
• PanZoom tool for easy navigating in 360 view when no headset attached.
• Player controls inside the Headset to browse a timeline of VR media

FEATURE LIST - Edit, Comp & Grade

• Stabilizing 360, 180 media
• Adjust or animate Point of Attention of a 360 clip
• Create (free form) video layers that auto wrap in 360 so you do not create visible seams.
• Multiple stereo workflow: use direct over/under or side-by-side for quick setup or use stereo-node for easy comp/grading.
• Convert 2D image to equirectangular to include as filler/matte elements in a 360 or 180 equirectangular composite.
• Convert between various cubic variants and equirectangular
• Adjust and animate camera position in spherical projection to create motion inside the sphere.
• Stitch source media: based on stitching templates from Hugin, PTGui, Autopano or create your own template from scratch
• Support for Ambisonic audio

What you need to run SCRATCH VR

OS: Windows 7 / 10. OSX 10.9 and up.
CPU: Any modern Intel or AMD processor. Preference for Intel i7 Quadcore equal or up.
GFX: Any modern graphics card. Preference for high end graphics: NVIDIA Quadro / AMD Radeon PRO. Note that on systems with standard Intel graphics not all features might be supported.
RAM: Min 8Gb. Preferred 12Gb or more.
Headset (optional): Oculus, Vive + any headset supported through the Steam VR engine.
SDI (optional): AJA, Bluefish444, Blackmagic.

See detailed system requirements here.

Learn more about SCRATCH VR


• Watch these SCRATCH VR Tutorial Videos
• or read this article with more details on the various features.

Pick My Plan


SCRATCH VR is available as:

  • a monthly automatic recurring subscription - $115 USD
  • a 1 year rental - $895 USD (over 35% savings over monthly!)
  • a permanent license (incl. 1 year of support & updates) - $1500 USD
  • support renewal with a permanent license - $850 USD
  • SCRATCH VR Suite which bundles SCRATCH VR and ASSIMILATE Dailies Online making the sum more than its parts. The SCRATCH VR Suite contains an annual SCRATCH VR license and a one year ASSIMILATE Dailies Online (basic) account - $1,795 USD.

Each license comes with full access to the latest version and all updates of the software, as well as access to our technical support team.

To upgrade an existing subscription or license of SCRATCH, please contact ASSIMILATE:

Note that a permanent license comes with 1 year of support. After that, you can continue to use the software but to be eligible to further software updates or contact to our technical support team, you need to extend your support contract.

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