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Product Suite

The SCRATCH VR Suite includes all of the features of SCRATCH and SCRATCH Web, plus the additional creative 360° tools and features that are specific to a complete and powerful end-to-end VR workflow. Get your VR game on!



VR workflows are new and evolving

The flexibility and versatility of the SCRATCH VR Suite will prove indispensable in creating your own optimized workflow.


Play, Grade, Composite and Finish in 360

Playback, Edit, Grade and Finish on an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, while concurrently outputting to SDI, as well as the output display! Add specialized data management and creative VR functions to your toolbox. Implement cloud-based review: Publish 360 to SCRATCH Web and review with your smart phone and headset of choice. Deliver 360 output, including all meta data for use on other platforms like YouTube 360 or Facebook.

What's New

Playback and Review from the Desktop

Stereo or mono. Single or split view. Single or dual monitor. SDI out to a reference display or projector. Flat view or spherical projection. Output directly to the Oculus or HTC Vive and have all player controls available from within the headset... SCRATCH VR allows you to playback, review and work on 360 media from any angle possible.



Cloud-based Review

With SCRATCH Web you share, review, and collaborate 360 media in a secure way through your own Web channel. Post a single shot or a hundred shots at once. Create separate channels for projects or clients. Invite others for review just by entering their email address. Review from your desktop, tablet or smart phone with your favorite headset.



scratch vr suite

Manage 360 Media Metadata

Manage 360 specific meta data per shot, your full timeline including versions, as well as on all your output and deliverables. This ensures proper interpretation and playback in SCRATCH VR and on various 360 publishing platforms such as YouTube 360 or Facebook.




Re-center a 360 shot to ensure the object of interest is maintained from shot to shot in your timeline. Stabilize your equirectangular shot or animate a new motion path to guide a viewer through a 360 scene.



Grade & Composite

Apply blur, clarity or other effects without creating a seam in your 360 projection. Add grading layers that are automatically repeated on the right or left side to the equirectangular image. Composite 2D elements into your 360 scene using the equirectangular-2D effects node.



Finish & Render

Output to any format or framerate and include all the necessary meta data for 360 publishing, such as YouTube 360. Output equirectangular, cubic or a 2D carve out from your 360 projection by animating the desired paths through the 360 scenes, setting the Field of View and rendering your 2D version.




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SCRATCH VR Suite value

The SCRATCH VR Suite offers more than the sum of its parts. The Suite bundles SCRATCH VR and SCRATCH Web to provides an end-to-end VR workflow that is only available in this suite.





The SCRATCH VR Suite is a one-year license that includes SCRATCH VR and SCRATCH Web (basic account). This license includes updates and 24/7 ASSIMILATE support.

To upgrade an existing subscription or license of SCRATCH, please contact ASSIMILATE: licensing@assimilateinc.com.

scratch vr suite

Demos & Help

Oculus Rift support in SCRATCH

Learn more about the SCRATCH VR Suite

• View these tutorial videos: Part 1 and The Sequel
• or read this article with more details on the various features.




Technical Specs

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What you need to run SCRATCH VR

OS: Windows 7 and up. OSX 10.7 and up. Note that the OSX version does not have Oculus support!

CPU: Any modern Intel processor. Preference for Intel i7 Quadcore or up.

GFX: Any modern graphics card. Preference for high end graphics: NVIDIA Quadro / AMD Firepro. Note that on systems with standard Intel graphics not all features might be supported. Furthermore, be aware that the Oculus will not work with an Optimus setup, combining Intel graphics with an NVIDIA card.

RAM: Min 8Gb. Preferred 12Gb or more.

SDI: NVIDIA Embedded, AJA, Bluefish444, Blackmagic. Please check this support site article for specific supported models.

SCRATCH Web: Any modern Internet Browser. Note though that the 360 features are only supported on
• Windows: Chrome, Firefox, Edge
• OSX: Chrome, Firefox
• Android: Chrome, Firefox