Z Cam S1 VR Camera

• Fully Integrated 4 sensor system
• Precise camera sync
• Premium lenses
• High speed Ethernet port
• 4k 60fps
• 6k 30fps (post stitching output)
• Z Cam WonderStitch

zcam s1 v01
Live Stream


Live-streaming production:
• Z Cam camera controls
• Z Cam live preview
• Stream directly to Facebook 360 Live
• Advanced real-time overlay/compositing of: text, graphics, animation, video
• Live keying for green screen support
• Multichannel audio/ambisonic audio support to Facebook 360 Live

Data management/meta-data management directly from Z Cam


Full SCRATCH VR feature set
• Dailies
• Conform
• Editorial
• Color Grading
• Compositing
• Finishing
• Multichannel/ambisonic audio support
• Publish to online 360 VOD platforms (Facebook 360, YouTube360, etc.)
• Publish to all other 360 deliverables
• Z Cam S1 camera controls
• Z Cam S1 live preview
• Integrated Z Cam WonderStitch
• Data management/meta-data management directly from Z Cam S1
• Direct multichannel audio support from Z Cam S1


Z Cam S1 + SCRATCH VR Z Bundle

• Z CAM S1 Camera Main Unit
• Z CAM S1 Lens Protector
• Z CAM S1 Battery Unit (w/o battery cells)
• AC/DC Power Adapter Unit
• Power Connection Cables (US, UK, EU)
• Quick User Guide

Z CAM WonderStitch license: optical flow based stitching feature that performs offline stitching of files from Z CAM S1. Z CAM WonderStitch software is tied to a designated Z CAM S1 camera and is nontransferable.

SCRATCH VR Z permanent license:
professional VR end-to-end, post-production workflow with an all-inclusive, real-time toolset – data management, dailies, conform, color grading, compositing, multichannel and ambisonic sound, and finishing integrated with the Z CAM S1 camera. 1 year support/updates.


scratch vr suite