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SCRATCH® works harmoniously with over 150 of the industries best color-management tools, plug-ins, etc.

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Stereoscopic 3D

3ality Technica

3Play Pro S - Professional stereoscopic monitoring
Designed for post facilities seeking a flexible, professional quality stereo monitoring system, 3Play Pro S enables playback and review of full resolution HD stereoscopic material on a range of monitors – all from a single device.

Play Pro S Data Sheet (399kb pdf)

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Bluefish444 Stereoscopic Video IO
On-set dailies or Finishing in 2D/3D requires the highest quality HD-SDI output. Bluefish444 provide 2D and 3D support for SD/HD and 2K video at 23.976 FPS right up to 60 FPS and are unique in providing 12-bit HD-SDI support along with a world class 12-bit video processing pipeline.

Epoch 2K Ultra
Epoch 4K supernova

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    Color Management


    ARRICUBE Color Management System
    As an open designed system, ARRI uses the well-established ICC (International Color Consortium) standard for the Color Management. The main idea of the ICC standard is to profile each device of the chain separately. The profile is used to transform the colors into a common color space, overlapping all possible color gamuts.The advantage of this common space is that it reflects the color and luminance sensation of the human eye as accurately as possible, different color gamuts can be matched. ARRI offers the Color Management for the ARRILASER and also works together with industry partners in the color-grading field.

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    Kodak Display Manager System
    The KODAK Display Manager System is an easy-to-use way to display an accurate simulation of projected print film on all supported display devices throughout the postproduction workflow. It calibrates, characterizes and transforms from print density to device-specific code values-simulating the print film look, and assures that the look displayed is within the true film print color space-a simulation of projected print film.

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    Light Illusion

    LightSpace CMS
    LightSpace CMS is the de facto standard for advanced colour management within the global film, TV, and post-production industries where colour control is not just critical, but requires facility-wide management from a simple to use system that is display format and workflow agnostic. LightSpace CMS is the only colour management system to meet all these criteria, providing fully integrated facility-wide colour management for on-set, post-production, and broadcast workflows.

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    LiveGrade enables DOPs and DITs to interactively adjust and preset colors of images coming directly from the camera. This gives the production team a tool to visualize a color corrected image for director’s or client’s review. To cover a wide range of possible workflows in production, LiveGrade offers comprehensive import and export capabilities in 3D LUT, CDL and XML file formats.

    Dailies Workflow with LiveGrade and SCRATCH

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    THX cineSpace

    Precision Color Management for DI & Digital Video Grading Suites
    Consistency is essential when mastering feature films, TV shows and commercials. THX cineSpace provides the tools to accurately calibrate displays and emulate virtually any target, from film stock to automotive video screens. Artists can color grade material confidently knowing what they see in the suite will be duplicated in the target viewing environment.

    THX cineSpace is the standard color management system for post-production. Its comprehensive set of tools gives artists the ability to accurately preview image data while emulating target output. cineSpace offers the highest precision color management available in the industry and its easy-to-use interface and range of associated products and services ensures clients of consistent, repeatable color calibration throughout the color pipeline.

    Precise Color Emulation for Colorists

    • Consistent Workflow: equalEyes™ allows the grading workstation GUI monitor to match the color of the main reference display.
    • Accurate Match: cinePlugins™ deliver a precise color preview on compositing workstations and an exact match to the grading suite to eliminate guesswork with mastering projects.
    • Review Final Output: cineCube™ lets artists create 3D LUTs to emulate how material will look on the targeted exhibition deliverable, whether it be film, DCI, video or any other deliverable medium.
    • Custom Film Profiling: Ensures the best possible match to final film outs and deliverables.

    THX cineSpace DI Video (pdf)
    THX cineSpace Visual Effects (pdf)
    THX cineSpace Animation (pdf)
    THX cineSpace White Paper (pdf)

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    Tangent Devices

    Tangent Element Panels
    With today’s multi-purposing work stations, where desk space is at a premium, having a fully featured panel that is compact, fully featured and stylish enough to match its surroundings is a must. But, you’d expect that having a compact design means having to compromise ergonomics, features and control size. With the Element range, there is no compromise! Despite their small desk foot print, each Element offers full size controls which are ergonomically laid out, and best of all, there’s lots of them!

    CP300 series – The Wave
    With the Wave we bring a new level of affordability and quality to control surfaces. The design draws heavily on the experience gained from our highly successful CP100 and CP200 panel ranges. The Wave is not intended to replace these panels, it is just aimed at the more budget conscious user.

    Tangent CP200 Modular Color Control Panels
    The Tangent CP200 Modular Color Control Panels are designed for use with advanced color correction software, giving colorists a wide range of input controls at their fingertips when perfecting the color for long and short-form film productions. The CP200 set has small footprints to fit any post environment and can be combined as needed to create a panel set that exceeds the capabilities of Tangent's top-of-the-line CP100 Color Control Panel. SCRATCH supports the CP200-BK, TS and K panels.

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      Calibrated Software

      MP4-EX Import/XD Decode bundle
      Calibrated{Q} MP4-EX Import for Windows is a QuickTime component for NATIVE Importing and Playback of Sony XDCAM EX MP4 Files and JVCProHD HM700/HM100 MP4 Files within QuickTime Player and CatDV when used in conjunction with Calibrated{Q} XD Decode for Windows.

      MXF Import/DVCHD Decode bundle
      Calibrated{Q} MXF Import for Windows is a QuickTime Import component for NATIVE Importing and Playback of the following MXF files within QuickTime Player and CatDV when used in conjunction with Calibrated{Q} Decode Codecs for Windows.

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      ProductionLink is a SCRATCH Plug-in for AVID® Interplay Connectivity. In the past, transferring files into Avid Interplay was a tedious, time-consuming process that required transcoding, manual file manipulation, and the occasional voodoo ceremony. DiaQuest ProductionLink for ASSIMILATE SCRATCH resolves compatibility issues with its reliable, seamless, and user-friendly link between applications.

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      Digital Anarchy

      Beauty Box Video
      Beauty Box Video skin retouching plugin gives your actor or model an incredible makeover in post-production by incorporating state-of-the-art face detection and smoothing algorithms. This video plugin automatically identifies the skin tones and remove imperfections, while leaving important facial details sharp. Editors and artists no longer have to manually create masks or retouch frame by frame. Whether it is used for a feature film, music video or a corporate talking head, Beauty Box Video is a powerful tool for any production that requires people to look their best.

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      Drastic Technologies

      MediaReactor Workstation
      MediaReactor Workstation for ASSIMILATE is a plug-in which adds wide read support to SCRATCH and SCRATCH Lab products. The plug-in provides a huge number of additional formats built into SCRATCH and SCRATCH Lab, to extend the scope of available formats that can be used within SCRATCH, as well as an output mode to write the most popular industry standard file types.

      MediaNXS is professional video capture and playback software with a range of file types, codecs and video tools. MediaNXS not only provides HD-SDI/2K/4K capture and playback for SCRATCH, but includes import/export, wave form/vector scope, and clip list/timeline/EDL features.

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      GenArts Sapphire™
      Sapphire 6’s 200+ visual effects plugins for SCRATCH enables artists to streamline workflows, increase productivity, and deliver beautiful results. GenArts has been carefully crafting the world's finest visual effects software since 1996 and their commitment to engineering excellence and superior performance has made Sapphire the industry standard of visual effects (VFX) plug-ins for the most discerning video content creators and editors.

      GenArts Monsters GT™
      GenArts Monsters GT provides artists with over 55 distinctive visual effects plug-ins, including physics-based particles, fluids, fire, smoke and other natural phenomena, time-based feedback effects, and a selection of artistic effects. Designed to complement GenArts Sapphire’s industry-standard tools, Monsters GT features GPU acceleration, precise control of effect behavior, and the highest image quality available to maximize your productivity and creativity.

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      HS-Art Diamant

      The SCRATCH operator can immediately access and fix defects, that he experiences during his daily workflow. DustBuster is a simple and intuitive tool for interactive cloning and repair of any kind of single image defect.

      PixelBuster offers an easy to use solution for quick fixing of any kind of single image defects like dust spots, scratches, bad splices and the like. This makes interactive image repair and clean up tasks simple and efficient.

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      Imagineer Systems

      mocha Pro
      One program that combines powerful Planar Tracking with tools for Roto, Object Removal, Lens Calibration, Stabilization, 3D Camera Solver and more. mocha Pro integrates with all industry-popular applications and is the ideal post production utility for feature films, broadcast, and finishing. Whether solving tracks and match moves, removing unwanted pixels or cutting roto mattes... mocha Pro dramatically saves time.

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      Neat Video

      Neat Video Pro OpenFX Plugin
      The Neat Video Pro filter reduces visible noise and grain in video footage produced by digital video cameras, camcorders, TV-tuners and digitizers of film or analog video. It incorporates the most advanced noise reduction algorithms in the industry, building on device noise profiles to make noise reduction custom-tailored to the video capturing device.

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      RE-Vision Effects

      Reduces noise using smart spatial and time-based (optical flow) methods.

      ReelSmart Motion Blur
      Automatically tracks every pixel in a sequence and blurs based on calculated motion.

      Intelligently slows down or speeds up your image sequences.

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      Silicon Philosophies

      Silicon Philosophies provides cutting-edge technology, geared towards Broadcast, Video Post-Production and Digital Signage. They are known for licensing, development, customization and seamless integration of products.

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      The Foundry

      Keylight and Furnace
      Keylight and Furnace products offer an extensive suite of tools, including a world-class keyer; visual effects such as blurs, warpers, and generators; a full set of restoration capabilities; and other tools.

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        Camera and Format Vendors


        Panasonic 3D Partners

        Panasonic P2 Partners

        SCRATCH® and SCRATCH Lab™ digital cinema and broadcast tools are the first to deliver world-class post-production support for the entire range of Panasonic professional digital cameras, including AG-3DA1, their current 3D camcorder and the AG-3DP1, an upcoming P2 AVC-Intra based stereoscopic 3D camcorder. ASSIMILATE is a member of Panasonic's P2 and 3D partner programs.

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        RED Digital Cinema Camera Company manufactures digital cinematography cameras and accessories for professional and cinematic use. When two complimentary and groundbreaking companies like ASSIMILATE and RED find common ground, you have a nearly unstoppable force for innovation. That is why the two joined forces early on to create a software and hardware partnership that continues today to redefine digital cinema production.

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          IO Devices


          Since 1993, AJA Video has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality and cost-effective digital video interface, conversion and desktop solutions for professional broadcast and post-production. Based in Grass Valley, CA, the company has always had a vision and passion for leveraging its engineering expertise to set the pace for innovation in digital video technology.

          Introducing groundbreaking tools such as: converters to bridge varying formats, video capture and playback cards to flexibly connect software with a range of hardware, I/O products to support the latest interfaces and portable recording devices to facilitate new workflow paradigms in television and film, AJA has helped to evolve the market for professional desktop video production. AJA continues to develop next-generation capabilities across platforms, allowing customers to work professionally in increasingly high-end formats while still using their desktop computing packages and platforms of choice.

          In addition to developing best-of-breed product lines that include the KONA, Io, Mini-Converter and Ki Pro families, AJA also works with leading manufacturers and OEM partners across the globe. High-profile media companies around the globe, along with broadcasters, networks, post-production houses, mobile truck operators, cinematographers, film editors and more, rely on the reliability, flexibility and performance of AJA technologies to make their productions run smoothly.

          AJA Kona 3G Video and Audio IO card

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          Blackmagic Design

          Blackmagic has grown rapidly to become one of the world's leading innovators and manufacturers of creative video technology. And that's because our philosophy is refreshing and simple - to help true creativity blossom.

          Blackmagic Design's founders have had a long history in post-production editing and engineering. With extensive experiences in high-end telecine, film and post, harnessed with a real passion for perfection, Blackmagic set out to change the industry forever.

          A company dedicated to quality and stability and focusing on where it's needed most; Blackmagic has created some of the most talked about products in the industry. World famous for their unbeatable codecs, Blackmagic envisioned truly affordable high-end quality editing workstations built upon Blackmagic software and hardware.

          In November 2002, Blackmagic launched the DeckLink capture card and in doing so single handedly made working in true 10 bit uncompressed video on a Macintosh OS X™ system an affordable reality. The DeckLink card has become a market-leading product due to Blackmagic Design's philosophy of delivering "whatever it takes to give creative editors and designers the very best quality tools".

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          Bluefish444 VIDEO IO
          HD-SDI solutions enabling world class monitoring of 8/10/16bit video content. Bluefish444 hardware supports SD/HD/2K and now 4K video frames along with additional 3D stereoscopic support for ASSIMILATE software. Bluefish444 Video IO devices provide a perfect companion to your ASSIMILATE suite.

          Epoch 2K Ultra
          Epoch 4K supernova

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            Facilis Technology


            Facilis TerraBlock
            Facilis TerraBlock is a high-performance, shared storage system designed for post-production, broadcast and content creation. It fosters collaboration, offering a multi-platform Shared File System with Fiber Channel and Ethernet connectivity options customized for a range of facility workflows.

            Facilis Technology was the first to offer shared HD editorial, and the first SAN to market with every fibre channel speed increase since 4Gb. Now shipping 16Gb fibre channel, TerraBlock is the perfect companion to a SCRATCH workflow. Up to 24fps 16bit 4K DPX playback can be achieved on a single fibre channel link, from a single 24D enclosure.

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